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JAV: Foxx about the great discovery I’d made at that dance place!!! He just smiled when I told him how I blew this unknown person who then returned the favor to me, in fact, he got so excited hearing about it he had me lay face down on the bed so that he could fuck me in my tight ass!!! Diary, you know how much I love a good reaming, and while he was fucking me he had me tell him over and over again how much I enjoyed sucking off that total stranger!!! He loves hearing about my overheated sex drive, so as I told him how I got down on my knees and took the thick hardon into my mouth, he nearly lost his mind as he fucked me like wild animal!!! Wow, we both came like gang busters!!! We then went out on the town and had a great dinner and walked hand in hand down Fisherman’s Wharf!!! In the twilight overlooking the harbor, Mr


. Foxx has a really big cock and I never get tired of having him blow his cum into my eager mouth!!! Anyway, at least he left the apartment in a little bit better frame of mind!!! Now, back to my trip to ‘Frisco, that afternoon back at the hotel I just couldn’t wait to tell Mr. Stepmom Smoking. . '

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Ted Cox
My dream date! Would love this done to me on a continuous basis - tied up, sucking cocks and getting fucked raw.
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Rico culo