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Best Dirty Complex Singapore Slapper IAFD play

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JAV: When James is satisfied with his cleaning he pulls her head away and commands he to sit next to laurien on her knees she obeys without saying a word he pulls his pants back up and stands up over the girls alright I have decided or next move for expanding this group of cumdumpsters laurien do you know who of your friends is a virgin I want a cherry I can destroy he says looking at laurien while she thinks and smiles the neighbors daughter Laura she just turned 16 and is still a virgin she says looking with a smile she is a little young but that's okay she always acted like she is ready to have sex now she will have it he says laughing After thinking out a plan how he will transform laura into a brainless toy he commands his slaves to put on clothes after a few minutes they are fully dressed hiding there lingerie under there clothes okay slaves you will act normal we will go to the neighbors house when we enter we wait for Laura and then I will start to control them and enslave her in front of her dad letting him see his little girl turnt into my sextoy it will be fun and we will have a good time understand sluts? he says to them as they slowly nod and follow him to the neighbors house They ring the bell and the father ( Brian ) opens up hey James how can I help you ? he asks smiling he was smaller then James but had a more muscles them him can we enter we ran out of sugar and we would like to borrow some ? James asks smiling off course come in and sit I will go get it for you he says as he walks to the kitchen as they take place in a nice sofa he looks around looking for Laura and looks at his slaves acting normal and is pleased with how they act As the father comes back he hands the sugar to James thank you very much soo how I everything with you ? he asks as Brian sits down very good we had a birthday party for Laura last week she turned sixteen he says smiling James tries to look suprissed ooh I forgot about that where is she I want to give her a late present he says to him Brian smiles and yells upstairs Laura come down here you have visitors !  After a few minutes she comes downstairs wearing a blank tank top and a blue jeans who is it dad ? she asks and looks at James ooh hi ! What are you guys doing here ?! she says happy to see them Blowjob/Fera As she bobs up and down on his cock deeptroathing and gagging a bit he looks over to his other slave scrubbing her cum away from yesterday fingering bit as she sees laurien sucking his brother off stop working mom and finger yourself he says as she immediately drops her stuff and starts to finger her now with full attention making her Wetter every moment . Laurien come here I want to ask you something he said as he waved her over to him with a smile laurien rushed over to him and got on her knees infront of him what do you want from me master ? she asks as she looks up to him with a naughty smile I want you to tell me what you don't like of your body he said to her as he waits for the answer he stands up infront of her she hesitate a bit but finally answers it would be nice if I had longer legs I was always jealous of my friends for their legs why do you ask that master ? She asks looking up at him confused He looks down and smiles stand up I want to try something he says as she stands up looking down he looks at her and commands the rings to grow her legs after a few seconds her legs grow making her a bit higher there you go do you like them ? he asks as she hugs her thank you master I will always be grateful for this she says almost crying in joy James smiles and breaks off the hug good you can reward me with a blow job he says going trough her hair as she fells on her knees and starts to suck his cock right away letting it grow hard in his mouth looking down at her he smiles as she happily sucks him off he didn't think she would ever do this 3 days ago but now she does it without even protesting

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She would be an amazing fuck.
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When you coming to nyc
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Chim anh to thế @Hatsukawa Minami
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Damn those are some nice tits and love the rope play